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1065 Form

A necessary tax report that every multi-partner LLC has to file. Here at Nonresident Investor, we know the best way to do it!

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1065 Form: US Return of Partnership Income

The 1065 form serves as a report to the IRS that every multi-partner LLC has to make. It informs the IRS of all the transactions, losses, and profits as well as deductions and credits of your LLC business partnership.

All this information is also reported on an individual level, with K-1 forms or each partner. The K-1 forms are sent to the IRS as a vital part of the 1065 form (they are attached to it).

The 1065 form has five vital parts that you have to properly fill out in order to satisfy the requests that the IRS has.

Part One

The first page of your 1065 form includes information about the:

  • Type and organization of your LLC
  • Type of return
  • Accounting method
  • Number of K-1s
  • And your income (income generated from assets, gross receipts, and net gains)

Parts Two And Three

Part two or page two alongside page three of the 1065 form has a list of Yes or No questions that you’ll have to answer. These questions are about specific situations pertinent to gains and losses of income.

Part Four

On the fourth page of your 1065 form, you’ll list all the K-1s that your LLC is reporting to the IRS. These forms include information for every member of your LLC regarding:

  • Their yearly incomes and losses
  • Any tax deductions
  • Information about self-employment (if applicable)
  • Tax credits
  • Any potential transactions done with foreign companies or people
  • And items regarding alternate minimum tax

Part Five

The final page has the analysis of both profits and losses as well as the distribution of those profits and losses among the partners in the LLC. 

Aside from that, the last page also consists of three schedules:

  • L
  • M-1
  • M-2
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