US Mortgage Loans For Nonresident Investors

Can nonresident investors get loans? YES! The Nonresident Investor team can help you secure loans for your investment.

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US Mortgage Loans for Nonresident Investors

Finding a property you like on the US real estate market isn’t hard, given how vast and giving the market actually is.

No Social Security Number?
No Problem!

One of the first things most aspiring nonresident investors say to us is that they don’t have a social security number and therefore aren’t eligible for a loan.

The reality is entirely different — as a natural person, you wouldn’t be able to get a loan without a social security number. However, as an LLC owner or a member, you can secure a loan with just your ITIN (your Individual Tax Identification Number).

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No Credit History?
No Problem!

Bad credit histories are the downfall of many first-time home buyers in the US. However, as a nonresident, you don’t have a credit history, which is, believe it or not, better than having a bad one.

Specialized no-credit mortgage lenders will issue you a loan even without a credit history. They’ll need some verification that you pay your bills on time, and they’ll require a somewhat larger downpayment as well as a fixed interest rate. However, the fact that you have no credit history won’t be an obstacle.

Later on, you’ll use your LLC to build a great credit history for yourself and secure more favorable loans in the future.

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