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Last Updated: 24.02.2024

This Policy is designed to help you understand how the Nonresident Investor collects, uses, discloses, and safeguards your personal information when you visit our website or use our services. The Policy applies to the access and use of our services, products, and content available on the Nonresident Investor website as well as accompanying web or mobile applications. 

By accessing or using our website and services, you consent to the terms outlined in this Policy.

Nonresident Investor is committed to protecting and safeguarding all personal information from all users as well as to creating a safe online space and will therefore never sell, rent, or otherwise share your personal information with other businesses, individuals, or any other third parties unless specifically requested and approved by you. 

 1. Information We Collect

1.1. Information Collected From You

When you use our Services, we will collect specific information directly from you. For example, we’ll request specific information when you submit an inquiry to connect with a member of the Nonresident Investor team, book a consultation with our founder, or request additional information inquiring about real estate agents, mortgage lenders, or any other services that Nonresident Investor offers. 

In those cases, we may ask you to provide the following information:

  • Personal Information

We may collect personal information including but not limited to your name, email address, phone number, and any other information you provide during your interactions with our website or representatives.

  • Non-Personal Information

We may also collect information that isn’t personal in nature but is still vital. For example, the Nonresident Investor website may collect information about your IP address, statistical data that has to do with how you use the Nonresident Investor website, as well as demographic information.

During any communication between you and a member of the Nonresident Investor team (or their representative) via email, phone, or other means of communication, we may also collect the content of these communications, including but not limited to recordings of phone calls where permitted by law. 

1.2. Information Collected Automatically 

Nonresident Investor will also collect information from you automatically when you visit the Nonresident Investor website, use our services, or correspond with us via email. The information collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Your IP address, device ID, or other types of online identification,
  • Geolocation data,
  • The patterns of your behavior on our website,
  • The actions you take on the Nonresident Investor website,
  • The path you took to the Nonresident Investor website,
  • Your usage and activity on the Nonresident Investor website,
  • The patterns of your behavior right before and right after visiting the Nonresident Investor website, and
  • Information about the type of device and browser you use, their settings, and configurations. 

1.2.1. Cookie Information

During your stay on the Nonresident Investor site, we may send you cookies. Cookies are small text files that contain specific characters. These files are sent to the device you’re using while visiting the Nonresident Investor website (your computer or mobile device). Cookies are vital for a smooth experience on the Nonresident Investor website.

We send out two different types of cookies to our users — session cookies and persistent cookies. 

Session Cookies
  • Session cookies are temporary files that are essential for the proper functioning of the Nonresident Investor website during your visit. They are stored in your device’s memory only during your active browsing session and facilitate navigation, remember your preferences, and ensure seamless transitions between pages. These cookies aren’t permanent and they expire once you close your browser, along with any information they contain. Session cookies contribute to the security of our website by preventing unauthorized access to your account and enhancing your user experience by enabling various features.
  • Persistent Cookies
    Even after closing your browser, persistent cookies remain on your device, as they are stored in your device’s hard drive or other types of memory. They aren’t liked to he current browsing session and are used to remember and manage your browsing preferences across multiple sessions. Persistent cookies aren’t permanent as every file has a set expiration date Each persistent cookie has a set expiration date, and it remains active until that date is reached, or until you manually delete it.Persistent cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to our website, providing continuity in your user experience. They help us gather insights into user behavior over time, aiding in website optimization and content improvement. 
Impact of Disabling Cookies

While you have the option to disable cookies, please note that doing so may impact the functionality and features of our website. Some services may not work properly, and your personalized settings may not be saved. Both types of cookies play integral roles in delivering a seamless and tailored experience during your interactions with the Nonresident Investor website. If you have any concerns or questions about our use of cookies, please contact us at

1.2.2. Third-Party Web Beacons and Buttons

In addition to cookies, we utilize third-party web beacons and buttons to enhance the functionality of our website and gain insights into user behavior. These elements are embedded in our site by external entities, such as advertisers, analytics providers, and social media platforms.

Web Beacons (Clear GIFs)
  1. Web beacons, also known as clear GIFs or pixel tags, are small, transparent graphic images embedded in web pages. Web beacons enable us and our third-party partners to track user interactions with our website, including page views and clicks. The data collected through web beacons is often aggregated and anonymized to protect your privacy.
  2. Third-Party Buttons
    Third-party buttons are interactive elements on our website provided by external platforms. These buttons facilitate seamless integration with social media platforms, allowing you to interact with and share our content on your social profiles. Interacting with third-party buttons is voluntary, and the data collected is subject to the privacy policies of the respective platforms.Clicking on these buttons does not provide the third party with direct access to personal information unless you choose to share it.

2. How We Use Your Information

2.1. Personal Information

We use your personal information to:

  • Facilitate and improve your experience with our website and services,
  • Communicate with you about our services and relevant property information,
  • Process transactions and provide customer support, and
  • Customize and enhance our marketing and promotional efforts.

Your personal information will never be taken advantage of, sold, rented, or otherwise used without your explicit knowledge and consent. 

2.2. Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information is used for analytical purposes to improve our website’s functionality, content, and user experience.

3. How We Share Your Information

Nonresident Investor will never trade, rent, sell, or transfer your information (personal or non-personal) in any way to third parties without your consent, except as described in this Policy.

We may share your information with:

  1. Nonaffiliated third parties with the goal of verifying your information
  2. Affiliated, trusted third parties such as current or future subsidiaries, affiliates, daughter companies, etc. 
  3. Third-party service providers such as lenders, that are an integral part of our business. These third parties facilitate the providing of our services as mortgage brokers and are contractually obliged to safeguard all information received from Nonresident Investor, including your personal and non-personal information. 
  4. Third-party partners that receive your de-identified data and aggregate analytics about the usage and content consumption pattern you have on the Nonresident Investor website. 
  5. Legal authorities, government officials, and other authority figures when required by state and/or federal laws, regulations, or legal processes to do so.

4. Security

We prioritize the security of your personal information. We employ a combination of physical, managerial, and technical safeguards meticulously crafted to uphold the integrity and security of your information. It is crucial to acknowledge, however, that despite our comprehensive security measures, we cannot guarantee or warrant the absolute security of any information you transmit through our Services or store on our website. Such transmission or storage is undertaken at your sole risk.

5. Changes and Updates to This Privacy and Information Security Policy 

This Policy can be changed, adapted, or modified at any time, and Nonresident Investor reserves the right to do so. However, in the event of a massive change that affects our users, Nonresident Investor will notify all clients with a notice that’s visible, prominent, and informative, such as a banner on the website or an email for the Nonresident Investor clients. All users will have 30 days from the moment the notification has been sent or displayed to decide whether they want to continue using the Nonresident Investor services or not. 

Changes to this Policy that aren’t as massive will come into effect from the moment this Policy is updated to include the necessary details about said changes. Therefore, to stay informed about any potential changes, visit this page periodically to check if anything has changed. 

6. Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding the Nonresident Investor Terms of Service or have concerns stemming from or in any way related to the NRI Terms of Service, contact us anytime via or +1 (347) 477-1614.

Get in touch and let’s level up your investment portfolio.

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