About the Company

Our company’s mission is to help foreign investors navigate the complicated process of buying US Real Estate. Here’s how it all started.

We help foreign investors like you buy property in the US to turn their profits into assets and achieve a steady cash flow and passive income.

Luka started the NRI brand with one goal in mind — to help foreign investors navigate the complex laws and regulations of the US Real Estate market while saving time and money.

He did that because he’d been in their shoes himself.

When he bought his first two duplexes in Milwaukee, Luka learned how long it took and how challenging it was to go through the process alone.

Throughout his investing journey, he spent over 100 hours researching US Real Estate laws and regulations and read over 20 books on real estate investment. He also consulted with more than a dozen professionals and had to build an entire team of individual contractors before finalizing his first purchase.

Luka spent the next few years expanding his investment portfolio and perfecting his skill. Looking back on his experience, he realized how far he had come since he bought his first two duplexes. But most importantly, he noticed just how much time and money his knowledge could save other nonresident investors.

That’s why he founded a full-cycle agency, Nonresident Investor, to share his knowledge and help foreign investors like him find and close the best deals on the market.

The NRI Team

Behind every real estate investment lies not a single person but an entire team of people. And since real estate investing is a business, it requires a team of professionals. That’s why the team behind the NRI brand has many years of practical experience under its belt and specializes in different parts of the real estate investment process.

The NRI team was carefully handpicked by Luka to ensure a smooth and hassle-free investment process for each client and will be there for you every step of the way.

LLC Formation Specialist

Accountant (CPA)

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Investing Consultant

Property Inspector

Closing Company

Property Management Company


Why Choose NRI

Most consulting companies can help foreign investors with only some parts of the investing process (e.g., deal hunting, legal advice).

But NRI is no ordinary company.

Our agency gives nonresident investors a turnkey solution for buying Real Estate in the US. Our network of contacts will help you find the best off-market deals, open your US LLC, handle all legal paperwork, assist you in filing taxes, and help manage your property and optimize ROI.

You’ll Become Part of the Nonresident Investor Club

All our clients will also join our closed Facebook group with other nonresident investors, where you can chat, share experiences, and get advice from others like you. Most members of our community share your goals, regardless of where they come from. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Joining the NRI club will also give you access to free Zoom calls with our CEO, Luka Malkovich, and NRI’s yearly events.

Got Any Questions? We Have All the Answers

If you’re still in doubt, that’s completely normal. Luka also had dozens of questions when he first started his journey as a nonresident investor. And the worst part is — he couldn’t find all the answers online.

But don’t worry — he did the research, so you don’t have to.

Even if you’re still not ready to talk with us, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions our clients ask that we’re sure will be of great help.

Get in touch and let’s level up your investment portfolio.

You can reach us anytime via or through whatsapp icon at + 1 (347) 477-1614

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