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We provide you the necessary templates as well as the assistance you’ll need in order to draft an Operating Agreement.

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Preparing an Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is a legally binding document that all members of an LLC sign. It determines not only the ownership but also the structure of the company. 

A Key Document

So, the ITIN is necessary for anyone who IRS requires to file tax returns or, alternatively (and more frequently), prove their federal tax ID but doesn’t have an SSN. Most of ITIN’s functionality centers around business owners and investors being compliant with US tax laws.

That Offers Protection

As a future multi-member LLC owner, you’ll need an iron-clad Operating Agreement that will give you the proper protection and act as your corporate shield when you’re doing business.

And Guarantees Benefits

Here at the Nonresident Investor, we’ve perfected the process of utilizing the benefits of multi-member LLCs in order to provide our clients with a higher level of property protection as well as tax optimization.

Let’s talk About Your OA

An Operating Agreement protects the LLC’s limited liability status by giving each member protection from personal liability. It also clarifies any “handshake” verbal deals and makes them legitimate in the eyes of the state.

Nonresident Investor has the best Operating Agreement templates for single and multi-member LLCs and will help you draft one that structures your company in the best possible way.

However, we know better than anyone how important a company structure is. That’s why the Nonresident Investor team has several highly specialized legal advisors who will draft a completely unique Operating Agreement for you. 

Having a precise OA that doesn’t follow a standard template is actually an excellent business move, since it allows you to determine the terms and regulations for all potential scenarios that might or might not happen in the future.

A good Operating Agreement protects you and your partners and makes doing business easier. With the help of our legal experts, you’ll be able to conquer the real estate market in no time!

Turn your profits into assets that will create a passive income and a positive cash flow.

Our services were created to assist investors in navigating the complex real estate market, covering everything from LLC formation to property management based on years of experience in the industry.

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