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A good foreign real estate investors must inspect the property before investing.

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Property Inspection: Start Your Real Estate Investment Journey Right

Property inspection might seem like a waste of money, but it’s actually the smartest couple of hundred bucks you’ll spend when buying a property in the US. 

Although you’re not required by law to inspect the property before buying (or selling), it’s something we advise all our clients to do. Property inspection is an essential part of the buying process. It’s the only way to know the true condition of the building.

Inspect the State of the Property

No property you buy is ever going to be perfect. However, it’s important to know right from the get-go whether the issues of a property you’re buying are minor, major, or potential safety hazards. 

There’s a huge difference between the three categories, namely due to their various costs. A property inspection gives you reliable information about its actual state, which allows you to do some quick math and figure out whether the property is worth your time or not. 

Gauge Your Potential Future Expenses

A good home inspector will assess the exterior and the interior of the house you’re thinking of buying and let you know about all the issues. As part of our service here at the Nonresident Investor, we can help you judge just how much those issues will cost you. As someone who’s most likely looking to rent out the property you’re buying, it’s vital that you calculate all the costs before making a decision to buy (and that includes renovation costs).

Predict Your Future ROI

A high ROI is something that all investors dream of, but only some investors get. How do you become one of them? By making the right, calculated moves (property inspection included). The math is simple — finding a good property that doesn’t cost much, doesn’t require many renovations, and is a good rental prospect is an ideal equation. And the only way to know how much you’ll have to spend on renovations is to do a home inspection beforehand.

Turn your profits into assets that will create a passive income and a positive cash flow.

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