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Registered Agent

A registered agent is a company, entity, or person that you’ve picked to handle all your business.

registered agent

Appointing a Registered Agent

No matter which state you choose to make your investment in (and open your LLC in), you need a registered agent. A registered agent is a person or an entity that will receive official documents on behalf of your LLC. These official documents include:


Correspondence With the State

Having a registered agent is a requirement by the state. They handle all the mail, including all the correspondence from the Secretary of State for you. Not having or maintaining a registered agent means your company will lose good standing with the state, which can have severe repercussions — penalties, fines, loss of the business license, loss of access to the state court system, and more.


Notifications About State And Federal Taxes

All mail from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including notices about state and federal taxes, will be handled by the registered agent. In essence, the registered agent is the point of contact between your company and the state.


Service of Process

In case someone initiates a lawsuit against your company, they will first have to send a Service of Process — the summons and documents that explain the grounds of the lawsuit in question — to your company via your registered agent.

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