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The core service of the Nonresident Investor is finding a good off-market deal that will give you the biggest ROI.

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Finding a Deal: An Off-Market Deal Is a Game-Changer

Finding a good deal is the ultimate goal of every investor. However, a regular buyer might not be able to recognize a good deal when it comes around. What’s more, they might not even know how to find it. 

That’s why Nonresident Investor is here — to find great deals that offer the biggest ROIs, and guide you through the entire purchasing process.

What you get?

Unlike the 1040NR and 1065, the 5472 form isn’t something that every nonresident investor has to file. However, if you opt to make your real estate investment through a single-member LLC then the 5472 form will be one of the essential forms for you.

Zero Emotion

A great real estate investor doesn’t look for personal satisfaction when picking an investment opportunity. They don’t care about sentimentalities or how much they like the neighborhood. As long as the neighborhood is attractive to renters, they’re all in. All they care about is the bottom line: how much they paid, how big the rent is, and how lucrative their ROI will be.

That’s exactly what the Nonresident Investor team will do for you — we’ll find you a deal that offers the strongest numbers and diversifies your portfolio in the best way. 

A Vast Network of Contacts

Finding a good deal is all about knowing the right people. When it comes to generating the right leads in real estate, you have to network and mingle with the right crowd.

As a foreign investor, you can’t really do that. However, the Nonresident Investor team can. We know all the best contractors, agencies, realtors, and other various professionals and experts that provide us with information that’s otherwise impossible to get.

Access to the Best Deals

Off-market deals — those that haven’t hit the ads yet — only make up for around 1% of the market. That makes them harder to find. But they are worth the effort because these off-market deals are those that offer a 10+% ROI. 

Thanks to the years of experience that lets us focus on the numbers when searching for a deal as well as our network of contacts, the Nonresident Investor team can find you a life-changing deal in no time and help you close it! All you have to do is pick an area and we’ll funnel the best deals straight to your email until you pick the best one for you.

Turn your profits into assets that will create a passive income and a positive cash flow.

Our services were created to assist investors in navigating the complex real estate market, covering everything from LLC formation to property management based on years of experience in the industry.

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