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A US credit card can be one of the better tools when it comes to lowering your tax expenses.

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US Credit Card: An Excellent Tax Management Tool

As soon as you open your LLC with the help of the Nonresident Investor team and get your bank account, you should order a US business credit card that you’ll use for your company expenses. 

This advice is something that the Nonresident Investor team gives to all our clients. A credit card is a valuable tool that you’ll be able to use to benefit not only your business but also your bottom line.

You can get a credit card both for your company account and for your private account. However, keep in mind that in order to get a business credit card, you’ll need an EIN, while a credit card linked to a private bank account only requires the ITIN.

Increasing Your Purchasing Power

No matter which type of credit card you get, you’ll be able to use it to increase your purchasing power. A credit card allows you to set up your business without tapping into your capital. After all, your capital should be reserved for making bigger purchases (like real estate investments).

With a credit card, you’ll be able to cover your business expenses in the present moment without having to give money for them immediately. That will come in handy both while you’re setting up in the beginning as well as later when you’re managing your property and making passive income off of it. 

Cumulating the Write-Offs

As mentioned, your credit card can be an excellent tool that will help you get a better bottom line. It can increase your profits by lowering your tax expenses.

By paying for all business expenses with a credit card, you’ll be able to claim all operational expenses as write-offs at the end of the year. These write-offs or deductibles will lower the final amount that your LLC needs to pay as tax.

Building Good Credit

Finally, credit cards are a good way to establish a good business credit. By using and regularly paying off your credit card, you’ll be building good credit for your company, thus opening up many financial opportunities for yourself. Some of those are favorable interest rates, low-interest loans, as well as higher lines of credit. That will come in handy if you want to keep making real estate investments.

Turn your profits into assets that will create a passive income and a positive cash flow.

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