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Filing taxes as a foreigner buying US Real Estate is a complicated process. The Nonresident Investor team is here to help.

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Tax & Legal Advising

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Tax & Legal Advising

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Expert Advice That You Can Count On

The Nonresident Investor team includes both law and tax experts that are highly specialized in working with foreign investors. With years of experience under their belts, our lawyers, tax advisors, and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) will provide you with the best possible advice that will help you manage and grow your real estate investments.

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Tax Planning


We have the best, specialized CPAs who will help you pick the ideal tax strategies and reduce your effective tax rate.

1040NR Form


Every nonresident investor needs to file the 1040NR in order to report all U.S. income they’ve acquired during the year.

1065 Form


A necessary tax report that every multi-member LLC has to file. Here at Nonresident Investor, we know the best way to do it!

5472 Form


If you have a single-member LLC, the Nonresident Investor team will help you file the 5472 form for disregarded entities.

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CPA Tax Planning

CPA Tax Filling

Consulting with our CPA who specializes in working with non resident investors

Includes 3 Team Members:

3 team members

Luka Malkovich (NRI Founder), Accountant anda CPA Specialist.

Tax Planning: Making a Good Strategy

The most vital thing for all foreign investors is to plan out their taxes in advance. A good strategy can not only save you money but also help you accumulate your wealth faster. Luckily, the Nonresident Investor has the best one for you!

Making the Most Out Of Your Profits — By making an investment in tax planning, you’re actually assuring more returns end up in your pocket, post-tax. Managing the impact of taxes maximizes your wealth.

Making Tax Filing Stress-Free — The Nonresident Investor agency has a strong team of highly specialized experts who will help you create the perfect strategy that will ultimately increase your profits. With a proper strategy in place, filing taxes is easier and straightforward. 

Making Use of All the Legal LoopholesOur CPAs know the best and latest tax planning methods to reduce the impact that all taxes (state, federal, and even local) can have on your overall profits and wealth. Tax planning allows you to be tax-efficient, ultimately mitigating the impact taxes have on your income, property profits, estates, and capital gains.

1040NR Form

The 1040 Form is the most important tax form that every citizen needs to file. The 1040NR form is its counterpart for nonresidents. All foreigners who don’t have a green card need to file a 1040NR Form in order to report their US-sourced income.

A Necessity for All Investors — Nonresident investors have to report all income made in the US no matter their residency status and length. Any gain or loss from any potential rental activity needs to be reported to the IRS via the 1040NR Form.

Specialized CPAs — Filing this form may seem complicated. Although all American citizens file a similar form, many CPAs aren’t specialized in filling out and filing the nonresident version of it — the 1040NR.

Filing Through Your LLC —The Nonresident Investor team has the best CPAs who will help you organize and file your taxes in such a way you end up with a tax loss. Many foreigners who opt to file their own taxes end up overpaying them. Thanks to our experts that will never happen to you.

You’ll Become Part of the Nonresident Investor Club

1065 Form

Another important form for all nonresidents who have an LLC is the 1065 Form. This form is informational in nature, and you use it to report all your profits, losses, and transactions to the IRS. By using this form, you’re also reporting all of the credits and deductions of your LLC or business partnership.

The Nonresident Investor CPAs will help you fill out the 1065 form properly as well as prepare the necessary K-1 forms for you and all the partners in your multi-member LLC.

Highly specialized and with vast knowledge of the US tax filing system, they won’t let anything slip through the cracks.

 5472 Form

If you opt to open a single-member LLC, then you’ll have to file a 5472 Form at the end of the year. This form is only used by “disregarded entities” or single-member LLCs that the IRS doesn’t see as separate entities from their owners.

In other words, for taxation purposes, the IRS views single-member LLCs are the same entities as their owners. Due to that, all single-member LLC owners have to file a 5472 form that lists all the monetary transactions that their business made during the previous year.

Owners are also required to report all ownership and other structural changes to their LLCs in their annual 1065.


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The Importance of Good Tax Management

Before actually purchasing a property, it’s vital that you understand the tax implications. As a nonresident investor, you have different tax obligations than residents do.

  • Obtaining a property in the US means you become liable for income tax, capital gains tax, and gift and estate taxes.
  • In some cases, you might get taxed on both a state and federal level.
  • Purchasing a property through an LLC will limit your liability, but it also changes your approach to tax filing.

Navigating the US tax system can be difficult. The paperwork seems neverending, and you’re one incorrectly filed form away from being indebted to the state.

So, you’ll need help.

Get in touch and let’s level up your investment portfolio.

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